Release Hotfix v1.0.1

Hey guys, thanks for all the support on release day! With all of the feedback, we're pushing a hotfix update right now!


  • Added a yellow tint to the outside of the exit tile when not active.
  • Master volume is now set at 50% for the first time someone opens the game to not blow out their eardrums.
  • Added a next level button to the pause menu if the level after the one you are currently playing has already been unlocked.


  • Level 3-2 is now solvable!
  • Level 2-2 and Level 2-3 have been swapped.
  • Tiles now reset their position after being depressed  after 0.75 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds to reduce jankyness.


  • Fixed a bug in 1-8 where enemies would jump off screen.
  • Fixed a huge gamewide movement bug where enemies would not move in the direction you would anticipate.


stopDrop. - Windows - v1.0.1 69 MB
Jul 10, 2020
stopDrop. - Linux - v1.0.1 71 MB
Jul 10, 2020

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