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WASD or Arrow Keys - Move

Space Bar - Attack

C or E - Pickup

F - Use Item

Tab - Info Menu



Update Log -

- Pause game removed on gameover

- Anti-Aliasing disabled

- Enemy Order Layers reconfigured

- Inventory updates on item use

- chance to get health potion in chest

- Rock mob removed

- Chests now work properly

- Ambushes now work correctly scale with level

- Levelup no longer skips levels

- Damage is now variable

- Cursor hidden when not in pause screens

- Reworked controls screen

- Critical damage is now available

- Temporary exit sprite

- wall height moved to create mystery

- Dialog Manager created for items on pickup

- Fully functional key press menu navigation

- Spider animations fixed

- Spiders reskinned to better suit color palette (attack colors not fixed)

- Damage shows on hit!

- Cannot pickup health orbs anymore when full health

- Cannot attack through locked doors anymore

- Movement speed normalized on diagonal move

- Attack animation artifacts

- Walls now have a chance to have a crack in it

- Info Tab's max dmg properly updates

- Strength text recalculated

- Controls Screen!

- Controls screen opens on new games

- Chance for a chest to spawn an Ambush :O

- Fixed Pause Menu

- Fixed Game Over Menu

- Buttspiders are no longer, but have odd turning patterns?

- Created Info functionality on Tab (kind of works)

- fixed lightflicker

- increase vision radius slightly

- other minor bug fixes

- Reskinned walls and floor

- Other minor fixes

- Added music to main menu and level

- fixed pause screen

- changed response time on attack to be on key press instead of on key release


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Knightfall_ALPHA_0-0-2-0.zip 50 MB
Knightfall_ALPHA_0-0-2-0.app.zip 21 MB


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