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WASD or Arrow Keys - Move

Space Bar - Attack

C or E - Pickup

F - Use Item

V - CounterAttack (Shield Required)

Tab - Info Menu

Esc - Options Menu



Update Log - - Fixes Fixes and Crates - June 7th, 2017

BUGFIX: Going back to main menu from game now disables pause menu

BUGFIX: Level 2 sounds, and attack fixed

BUGFIX: Unarmed damage now shows properly in stat screen

BUGFIX: Puzzle piece animation now works

BUGFIX: Puzzle piece system works properly

BUGFIX: Controls menu now closes properly on escape key press

BUGFIX: Level 1 boss health bar fixed

BUGFIX: Fixed issue where some quests were not updating journal

BUGFIX: Partially fixed an issue where rapid pressing of attack button cause animation to freeze

- Revamped Main Menu

- Added Breakable Objects! - Boss Fix - June 4th, 2017

BUGFIX: You can now damage the boss again

Removed Healthbar Backgrounds

Added Swinging Door Animations  - Hotfix - June 2nd, 2017

BUGFIX: Attack Key now responds correctly on button press
- Trinkets! - June 2nd, 2017

BUGFIX: Keys no longer break quests.

BUGFIX: Weapons now show correct damage.

BUGFIX: Minor spelling mistakes

BUGFIX: Swords no longer hit for one damage

BUGFIX: Stamina cutscene now works as intended

Added Trinkets!

 - trinkets modify stats on your player that affect how you perceive the game

 - some can be cursed

New enemy attack animations (attack system still broken unfortunately)

Added a kill quest! - QaziJam 9.5! - April 24th, 2017

- Added new options menu

- Added clicking functionality for Yes/No Dialog Options
- Hotfixes - April 19th, 2017

- BUGFIX: When Easy Feedback is open, game now pauses

- Cleaned up lots of backend code, game is hopefully less buggy (hopefully)
- Easy Feedback! - April 17th, 2017

- BUGFIX: Damage now correctly applies on every hit

- BUGFIX: Enemies now only do damage while attacking

- Counter Meter for combat (if you have a shield, you can counter with the "V" key

- animation systems fixed for enemies


- Press "F12" to submit bug reports and feedback to a trello board! - It works again!

- BUGFIX: Game is not broken anymore. Can now pick up weapons and damage shows as intended. - Level 3 Added!

- BUGFIX: Journal now properly highlights buttons

- BUGFIX: No longer take arrow damage when in weapon range

- BUGFIX: Infotab now shows correct weapon on pickup

- Added third floor

- Added puzzle to third floor

- Added stamina!

- Added poison screen tint

- Skeletons added to stamina room

- Added Stamina potions

- Added bow and arrow

- Can now drop weapons instead of destroy - Level 2 Boss!

- BUGFIX: Info Tab now shows current weapon

- BUGFIX: You can now click everything again!

- BUGFIX: Damage now applies more consistently

- Added boss to second floor

- Shield now has durability and breaks over time

- Water now animates!

- New music for second floor! - Hotfix

- Enemies now get knocked back on attack

- quests now will not break game

- Jounral now opens with "J" or "L"

- Can no longer use Escape to exit out of journal - Quests!

- Added enemy knockback

- Quest Systems!

- BUGFIX: No longer can pickup shield if slot is locked

- BUGFIX: Key chests now carry keys!

- BUGFIX: Main Menu displays and works as intended after death

- BUGFIX: Sword sounds no longer play on pause

- BUGFIX: Potions should work again

- BUGFIX: Last damage amount removed from Game Over

- BUGFIX: Spikes now deal damage if already up

- BUGFIX: Enemy size reduced to remove clipping issues? (Hopefully)

- Added new Archer Enemy

- Shield now unlocks with animation

- Added second combo strike

- Keys now work!

- Health potion now works correctly

- No more dialog on item pickup if slot is empty

- Game feel: Sword movement animations - Super Fix Patch!

- BUGFIX: Enemies no longer rotate when involved in combat!

- BUGFIX: You can now stand still in order to use the Action button

- Added SFX for player (walk and sword)

- Worked on stamina orb animation - Hotfix

- BUGFIX: Yes or No dialog options can now be clicked on - The Graphics Patch!

- Font overhaul on everything

- Updated player sprite

- Added fallen knight that dropped starting sword

- Forgotten Stamina Orb Room Cutscene Thing? - Hotfix Patch

- Moved player back to start - Hotfix Patch

- Bug Fix: Torches now trigger in boss room

- Bug Fix: Boss cannot be evaded on floor 1

- Bug Fix: UI improvements

- Added shop music when entering the market

- Bug Fix: Boss Spit collider reduced

- Bug Fix: Player damage screen color works properly

- Bug Fix: If boss is dead and HP potion picked up, then ui works as intended

- Spike traps now exist!

- Floating text for damage, gold, health

- Torches in boss rooms!

- Forgotten spell room created

- There's a second floor!

- A market exists on the second floor!

- Reworked boss script

- Enemies now exist on second floor

- Increased enemy ambush rate

- Added item slot name underneath slots

- lowered wall height

- retextured spider

- Locked shield shot with chains

- Arrow traps!

- Stamina is now a thing

- Generals (green hat) now drop Health Potions

- First floor boss basically complete (needs tweaking)

- Pause game removed on gameover

- Anti-Aliasing disabled

- Enemy Order Layers reconfigured

- Inventory updates on item use

- chance to get health potion in chest

- Rock mob removed

- Chests now work properly

- Ambushes now work correctly scale with level

- Levelup no longer skips levels

- Damage is now variable

- Cursor hidden when not in pause screens

- Reworked controls screen

- Critical damage is now available

- Temporary exit sprite

- wall height moved to create mystery

- Dialog Manager created for items on pickup

- Fully functional key press menu navigation

- Spider animations fixed

- Spiders reskinned to better suit color palette (attack colors not fixed)

- Damage shows on hit!

- Cannot pickup health orbs anymore when full health

- Cannot attack through locked doors anymore

- Movement speed normalized on diagonal move

- Attack animation artifacts

- Walls now have a chance to have a crack in it

- Info Tab's max dmg properly updates

- Strength text recalculated

- Controls Screen!

- Controls screen opens on new games

- Chance for a chest to spawn an Ambush :O

- Fixed Pause Menu

- Fixed Game Over Menu

- Buttspiders are no longer, but have odd turning patterns?

- Created Info functionality on Tab (kind of works)

- fixed lightflicker

- increase vision radius slightly

- other minor bug fixes

- Reskinned walls and floor

- Other minor fixes

- Added music to main menu and level

- fixed pause screen

- changed response time on attack to be on key press instead of on key release


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